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  2014 Tax Sale Data Available!

Thank you for your interest in! Whether you are a savvy Real Estate Professional, or a first time Investor in Real Estate, If you are interested in making money in Real Estate this is the service for you!
Did you know that in the last 45 days over 300 properties in Washington County alone, have had Foreclosure proceedings started on them, and during that same period, over 100 properties have been sold at the Courthouse steps. Many of these properties have Thousands of Dollars of Equity in them. They are just waiting for the right Investor to turn them into Cash.

Many investors choose to focus on solely post-foreclosure properties. Others have successfully negotiated distressed properties prior to the foreclosure occuring. Both options have their pros and cons. Our service allows you to narrow in on those properties you are interested in and determine which option may be best for you.

When you are negotiating a bid on a distressed property, are you fully aware of what you are getting?
When a debtor on a loan stops making loan payments, what else has been dropped? Are you aware of how the following may affect your purchase:
  • The previous debtor is also behind on the property taxes
  • The dues to the Home Owners Association for the property have not been paid
  • There are outstanding Mechanics Liens on the property
  • What condition is the property in?
  • Is this the first time the property has gone into default?

At we provide you important information about the property that you will need to successfully negotiate a win-win transaction, regardless of whether you are interested pre-foreclosure or post-forclosure properties.

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